Simple Account and Database asset

An ultimate data management and account system for Unity game engine for any platform.

Note: all these features are free with the Play Fab documentation, this asset is just a time saver because everything is already set up for you, you just need to call one of our functions to avoid 20 to 30 minutes of coding. This asset is therefore useful for independent developers or even beginners Unity.

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  • Quick implementation: A simple and fast integration that will take you a couple of minutes!

  • Cross Platform: supports all unity platforms with both Mono and IL2CPP backends, currently is tested on Standalone, WebGL, UWP, and Mobile, but it should work on Consoles and other platforms if you run into any issues just contact us. (There are no native integrations with consoles yet)

  • Storage features: such as backup, meta data and catalog for extra functionalities.

  • Security: this package is an extension to PlayFab, which allows it to benefit from all these safeguards, and thus protect your data.

  • Real-Time: Thanks to the powerful Play Fab tools, you can access all the information of your users in real time, be it statistics, the history of their actions, etcetera... But you can also view the overall activity of your game in real time!

⚖️ Requirements ⚖️

  • Unity 2019.4.13f1 or newer is required

✂️ What are you waiting for?

Just start off with this new awesome solution for managing your game/app data without putting time on creating the same thing over and over again, just extend, modify or use the existing solution instead.

This asset uses PlayFab under Microsoft Azure PlayFab License;

See Third-Party Notices.txt (or the documentation / How To Use.pdf) file in the package for details.